Community-executed Carbon Capture

In partnership with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and SFU Sustainability, the Civic Innovation Lab is supporting the Community Executed Carbon Capture project, led by Dr. Sami Khan. This project, informed by the City’ 2030 climate reduction targets, investigates the potential deployment of carbon capture technology in municipal settings.

In the short term, work is being done to create a case for community-executed carbon capture, through a case study of other urban centres that have deployed similar technology in pursuit of their climate goals. In the longer term, this research will feed into the development of a prototype that demonstrates – for community educational purposes – how such technology could be scaled up using thin-film carbon capture within a municipal setting like Burnaby, with a focus on ‘hard to electrify’ buildings and assets.

Join Us

If you are a City of Burnaby staff member, an SFU researcher or student, a Burnaby non-profit organization, or a community member, and would like to collaborate with the Civic Innovation Lab, please contact us through the link below.