About Us

The Civic Innovation Lab Society was co-founded in 2022 by the City of Burnaby and Simon Fraser University to serve as a long-term accelerator of Burnaby-focused research and community engagement.

Our mandate is to advance education through the provision of collaborative learning and research opportunities and to contribute to the economic, social and environmental well-being of Burnaby’s community members. ​

To view a copy of our 2023-2024 Annual Report, click here. To view our 2023 financial statements, click here.

Our Staff

Executive Director

Rebekah Mahaffey

Research Project Manager

Abdul Zahir

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Laurence Meadows

Our Board


Joanne Curry

Simon Fraser University


Juli Halliwell

City of Burnaby

Member at Large

Leon Gous

City of Burnaby


Dugan O’Neil

Simon Fraser University

Our Guiding Principles

  • Advance community-engaged research and learning within Board identified priority areas
  • Foster innovation in research, approaches, and/or applications
  • Implement the strategic plans and priorities of our founding partners, the City of Burnaby and Simon Fraser University
  • Enhance community economic, social, and environmental well-being 

Our Priority Areas

We are currently focusing on supporting projects in the following areas:

  • Climate Action: GHG (greenhouse gas) emission reduction, adaption, and mitigation
  • Mobility: Accelerating the shift to sustainable transportation options
  • Smart Data Collection: Harnessing data collection methods and feedback loops
  • Equity and Intersectionality: Advancing social justice and inclusion
  • Truth and Reconciliation: Furthering the ongoing process of reconciliation and decolonization

Our Founders