Community-Centred Climate Innovation

The City of Burnaby and the Civic Innovation Lab are key partners in Simon Fraser University’s (SFU) critical research priority Community-Centred Climate Innovation (C3I) – for example, in exploring how environmentally-friendly hydrogen power can be leveraged to diversify the City’s energy resources.

In partnership with local industry and SFU’s Dr. Sami Khan, an expert in sustainable energy engineering, work is currently in development to investigate the capacity of existing infrastructure within Burnaby to safely and efficiently utilize environmentally friendly hydrogen. This work is an important aspect of accelerating a sustainable energy shift and is supporting the City to implement its Climate Action Framework and Energy Strategy.

The City of Burnaby is also participating in the founding of key hydrogen-related infrastructure work with Simon Fraser University.

Join Us

If you are a City of Burnaby staff member, an SFU researcher or student, a Burnaby non-profit organization, or a community member, and would like to collaborate with the Civic Innovation Lab, please contact us through the link below.